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The Cabin

The Cabin Logo “The Cabin” is the thrilling first chapter in “The Last Tower” text adventure series where you are the hero!

The story begins with you trapped inside a cabin. Where exactly are you? How did you get there? Who are the mysterious brotherhood, the KanKin, and what do they want with you?

The game features multiple routes through the story; with ethical decisions to be made; and opportunities for wealth and unfortunate demise! There are also several story achievements to unlock. Can you unlock them all? The style of story is an homage to the Fighting Fantasy series of role playing books I played as a child. Those stories were exciting and deeply engaging; and I hope that you will enjoy playing “The Cabin” as much as I have enjoyed writing it. .

The Cabin is released on the Microsoft AppHub marketplace for Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 devices. You can download for free here.

PEGI 7 PEGI Violence ESRB Teen

Here are some screenshots:

The Cabin screenshot 1 The Cabin screenshot 2
The Cabin screenshot 3 The Cabin screenshot 4

'The Cabin' on Windows Phone. Download it for free here

'The Cabin 2: Omphalos Stone' on Windows Phone. Download it for free here

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