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Raven's Rise FAQ

Raven's Rise Logo Need some help completing “Raven's Rise”?

Here's the FAQ to help!

Q. I can't remember a clue or combination to a secret.

A. Go to your inventory and click on the clue. You'll see details of the clue including reminders of any combinations you have learnt.

Q. I can't find all of the achievements?

A. You need to complete the game once, reaching safety, in order to unlock some of the additional secret areas.

Q. Where is the altar?

A. The altar is in the cabin, in a secret room. You will need to investigate the corridor between the cells and then find the appropriate key to unlock the door.

Q. How do I complete the mushroom achievement?

A. The mushrooms are located near the river. There is one combination which will give you lots of health (and the achievement). The clue describing which mushrooms to eat is found on the wall in the toilet of the cabin: One of the mushrooms burns your mouth... one will numb your mouth... one will soothe your stomach to stop you being sick. There is therefore a correct order to eat them which is safe.

Q. Where is the Bronze Ankh?

A. This is in your cell. Let your eyes adjust to the darkness to discover a hole in the wall.

Q. Where is the Silver Ankh?

A. This is in the woods directly behind the cabin. Save Jaa'ke and find an alternative path to the brambles.

Q. Where is the Gold Ankh?

A. This is near the waterfall. You will need the rope.

Q. How do I get through the symbol door?

A. The clue for the symbol door is the Latin phrase written on the lock: Ex tenebris lux. If you translate that you get "from darkness to light" (which is both symbolic and literal!). Arrange the shapes in that sequence (starting with the blank plate representing complete darkness) and you're in.

Q. I can't find the code for the cabinet in the fourth room in the cabin basement.

A. The code is written on the notice board in the Cabin kitchen. You will need to have completed the adventure at least once to unlock this option.

Q. How do I get past the cliff?

A. The best approach is to get the rope from the cabin and lower yourself down. Alternatively, top up your health by solving the mushroom puzzle and climb half way down the cliff before jumping. Once you have completed the story once there is an alternative route through the tunnel system to the base of the waterfall.

Q. What is the code for the Army Box in the treetops?

A. The code for the army box is given to you in the radio broadcast. So you need to get the radio working! When you reach the campsite, get the ladder from the sunken house first, use it to be able to climb up to the hidden platform in the trees, and *then* investigate the wolf tent. If you have to run from the wolf you will now have a good escape route (up the ladder) where the wolf cannot chase you. Once the wolf has gone you will then be free to get back into the tent to get the batteries for the radio.

Q. OK, so how do I get the radio working?

A. You need some batteries. These are found in the tent by the campfire.

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